PiAware creating new sites on device reboot


Most times my device reboots PiAware seems to detect it as a new feeding site.
It seems that my site MAC is taken from the usb0 network device ( its either my usb hub or the SDR dongle)
every time the device reboots it assigns a new random MAC address to usb0

using random self ethernet address
using random host ethernet address
usb0: HOST MAC 42:c3:a3:68:4c:1d
usb0: MAC 5a:ed:e6:3c:00:b8

is there a way to get PiAware to use a different MAC as an identifier like wlan0 , which I assume would be consistent?
and is there a way to consolidate old sites?


What hardware are you using?? Piaware should be using the eth0 MAC address regardless of what interface is being using for network access.


I’m using a C.H.I.P.

the interfaces from ip addr show:
1: lo
2: sit0@NONE
3: usb0
4: wlan0
5: wlan1

no eth0


Unfortunately this is not going to work well with current PiAware.
You could look at /usr/lib/piaware_packages/fa_sysinfo.tcl and teach proc mac_address how to find a stable MAC on your system.



it’s a hack but I changed line 128 to :

 if {[catch {set fp [open_nolocale "|/sbin/ip -o link show wlan0 "]} catchResult] == 1} {

should work for now…


I am going to try this $9 computer C.H.I.P. with built-in WiFi adapter

Shipping charges are killing! From USA to Canada $10.33, about 60% of the price of stuff shipped ($18.00) :frowning: :cry:
When I purchased Orange Pi PC + Adapter + Case ($15 + $5 + $2 = $22), it came all the way from China to Canada for shipping charges $2.55, and it was fast, took about 10 days only.