Which MAC address does PiAware use?

So I was thinking, running PiAware on a separate machine/Pi from the one running dump1090, to further reduce the load on the CPU so it can do more important things like decoding :slight_smile: If I start PiAware on this other machine will it use that MAC address? Or that of the Pi with dump1090?

I’m guessing it will be the machine PiAware is running on, but well, it’s worth asking…

It’ll use the one that the Piaware is running on, as that’s the one that communicates with the server

It uses the MAC address of the Ethernet port built onto the RPi.
Even if you decide to switch to WiFi the MAC address used will continue to be the one assigned to the built in Ethernet port.

This being said if you were to switch out your actual RPi your MAC address will change.
You can use an package such as macchanger to spoof your new devices MAC address so you can retain your stats before the change.