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PiAware Command Line Question


I noticed this morning that FA is not getting my feed (for about 2 hours). My guess is that FA is just updating something, but I was going to restart piaware just for the fun of it. I am running piaware 1.20-1
In the past, I would use these commands:

piaware -status
piaware -stop
piaware -restart
piaware - start

They don’t seem to work anymore. I can get the status by removing the ‘space’ with:


What are the new commands for stop, start, and restart?



Your commands appear to be correct. You just need to insert "sudo " in front of them for Linux to accept them.

FA is not getting my feeds as well. I believe that FA has a problem this morning.


service piaware start / stop / restart


@Nevrmind: Thanks. Your new commands work fine.

@s19n4tp: I was using ‘sudo’. My bad for leaving out of my question. However, it does seem that the command line for piaware has changed. I need to double check my autostarts to make sure piaware still turns on from a cold boot.

Also… my feed to FA is back up as of about noon CDT.


I issued the command sudo service piaware stop
but it doesnt stop and my processor is stuck at 100%
how do I get my pi back??

sudo reboot -f

will be easiest.

Apart from that are you even sure it’s piaware that is the problem?


When it’s at 100% it might not let him input any commands.
Unplug and plug back.


version 3.6.3
systemctl [stop start restart] piaware
sudo systemctl [stop start restart] piaware
start will start service
restart will start all dependencies