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new - Live but not live and not updating stats

(I wanted to post, but original thread is not accessible (ht404) and reposting with the same name gives HT404 as well)

I just received notification that my feeder is not feeding to FA anymore, but dump is still running. I am suspecting a hang like last time, since I have had a small internet outage this morning.

Is there anything I should do to help figure where the hang is? Or should I just go and reboot piaware?


If it is piaware that has stopped, try sudo piaware-config -restart
If dump1090, sudo /etc/init.d/dump1090.sh restart
(I keep forgetting the dash in the piaware command :wink: )

Piaware has not stopped. It hangs. It is in the process list, but does not transmit anything to FA.

I can login to my Rasp, so if there is anything interesting to look into the logs or into some debug info that can help find how I can manage to hang the process.

As stated in previous post it’s easy to cron a forced restart of piaware at night.

We’ve all been hung up for ~16 hours, looks like it’s some sort of server side issue. If you can tail /tmp/piaware.out you should still see messages that say they’re going out to FA but if your ADS-B stats say it hasn’t received anything for 16 or 17 hours, it’s likely a server side issue.

no the log shows that there are no message going out of piaware. I restarted the app last night so as not to loose my streak once more. Maybe next time, FA will come up with an answer to this question (and hopefully the thread remains available) or a procedure to try help figure why app hangs like this.

I am rebooting my nightly now so agree I am seeing some stability issues.
Is there a debug mode I can switch this into and log anything or do I just set to process monitor scripts?

Feeder Type: PiAware (Debian Package Add-on) 1.19