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PiAware 1.19-3 released

We’ve released PiAware 1.19-3 with the following improvements:

  • The promised compression in 1.19-1 actually applies to all relevant ADS-B messages now.

  • The corrupted 1.19-2 version has been deleted. We now always create a new version after any problem like this.

Here are the general 1.19 notes:

  • New compression techniques reduce upstream bandwidth by 2/3rds without filtering any additional messages.

  • Disconnect from the server after many unrecognized server messages.

  • Report full version when running piaware -v to get version number.

  • Remove raspi-copies-and-fills from dependencies. This makes the piaware Debian package compatible with more systems not based on Raspberry Pi.

The big improvement is the 2/3rds reduction in upstream bandwidth. Although PiAware already went to considerable lengths to reduce the upstream bandwidth used (and often users have considerably less upstream bandwidth than downstream), encoding common fields such as altitude, latitude, longitude, groundspeed, heading and clock in binary and abbreviating and consolidating common field names cuts upstream bandwidth requirements by 3:1. The compression encoding is versioned so some additional compression may be squeezed in in the future.

We’ve upgraded several test units successfully.

People installing from the Debian package can follow the instructions at flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/upgrade

We have generated an SD card image for 1.19-3 as well. To download and install the SD card image, follow section 2 of the instructions at flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build

SD card users running 1.17 or above who have not disabled automatic upgrades will be automatically upgraded to 1.19-3 within the next few days. Also anyone who installed from the Debian package who has enabled automatic upgrades and has not already upgraded will be automatically upgraded as well.

I’ve enabled autoUpdate and manualUpdate using piaware-config (for v. 18).

sudo piaware-config -show disiplays (in part):
contents of piaware config file ‘/root/.piaware’:
autoUpdate 1
manualUpdate 1

Yet when I send an update command from the web client, /tmp/piaware.out ends with:
12/31/2014 00:19:30 auto update (flightaware-initiated) requested by adept server
12/31/2014 00:19:30 autoUpdate is not configured in /etc/piaware or by piaware-config

Is this a feature waiting for code to support it, or is something broken?
(manual upgrade for now)

Cheers-- thanks for a great package.

bob k6rtm

Thanks for a update. Its work nice on Raspberry Pi.

Here is a howto http://blog.wenzlaff.de/?p=4842 (in german).

Hi Karl and Team,

Did a manual update as per the instructions at flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/upgrade this resulted in


Cheers and Thanks - Steen

Noticed increased reports per flight by nearly 100% since upgrading

Good day, Karl and team -

First, thank you for the incredibly cool functionality of this software, and the seamless integration with FlightAware. As well, I’ve since been telling anyone who’ll listen %^) that this is a stupid-simple first Raspberry Pi project which they’ve gotta try.

I joined the group after this was released, but I have a question about confirming version number. When I go to my internal (192.168.1.xxx:8080 page), I see no reference to a s/w version number. Should I? As well, when I look at the flightaware sdsb stats page for my site, the field that is called “Feeder Type” reads “PiAware (SD Card) 1.19”, but doesn’t show a sub-rev number like the “-3”. It would seem that reporting the entire build version would be helpful.

Cheers and 73 - Jon N7UV

You can type piaware -v in terminal to get the full version number.