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PiAware 1.18 released

We’ve released PiAware 1.18-1 with the following improvements:

  • Cache the mac address once it is known, for performance.

  • Include full piaware version (like 1.18-1 vs just 1.18) in login message.

  • Fix “too many nested evaluations” error on systems without an eth0 device.

This is a fairly minor update from version 1.17, unless you are running a Raspberry Pi Model A or A+, in which case PiAware will probably work for you for the first time. Due to important bug fixes in connection handling, if you are running PiAware below version 1.17 we recommend that you upgrade PiAware either by updating the package or writing a new SD card.

For command line updates / package users:

wget http://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/files/piaware_1.18-1_armhf.deb
sudo dpkg -i piaware_1.18-1_armhf.deb
sudo apt-get install -fy
sudo /etc/init.d/piaware restart

For SD card users running a release prior to 1.16, download and install the new image: piaware.flightcdn.com/piaware-sd … -2.img.zip or for full instructions, follow the steps on the build page again to re-image your device. If you’ve setup WiFi on your SD card and you write a new SD card image, you will have to re-configure it after this update.

I have 1.17 with auto update enabled. When will the auto update kick in?

am running ver1.16, got a message to upgrade to ver 1.18, am staying with ver 1.16 till the auto upgrade you people have talked about for weeks is implamented , am sick of reburning a new image every time a line of code is changed ,and then have to reinstall vnc and other things over and over again

Just SSH into the box and run the command lines.

1.16 and newer with auto-update enabled (e.g., the SD card image) should be upgraded to 1.18 if they’re online. You can verify by visiting your stats page.

I’m in Asia and saw the notification that it was out of date this am Manila time. It’s 130 now and just checked my page and it updated to 1.18. Just curious. When will it update?

Yep, looks like it updated itself at 3:41am UTC. :slight_smile:

Works fine now on Raspberry Pi Typ A! Thank you!

I am having problems with unzipping the 1.18. I keep getting messages that I need an additional 734 PB to copy these files. I am running windows 7.

This was our first time to do it, so there’s no policy yet. It can be immediate for connected clients once we update it.

There’s a problem with the 1.18 ZIP file…we’ve put the 1.17-2 ZIP back on the site and it will auto-update to 1.18 once installed.

Fixed piaware.flightcdn.com/piaware-sd … -2.img.zip

I’m still stuck on piaware_1.13-1_armhf.deb as I just get “illegal instruction (core dumped)” whenever I try to run any of the binaries under arch. I’ve just setup a second site at the top of a hill - all solar powered.

What is the processor architecture? ARM? Also is it “hard float”?

Well, I followed the instructions on updating as I did last time, except this time when I did “sudo dpkg -i piaware_1.18-2_armhf.deb” my Pi stop responding for over 20 minutes and would not even respond to new ssh commands. Left it alone for further 20min just to see what it would do. and still nothing. Tried a reboot by unplugging and would not do anything. I re-wrote the IMG like I did last time and now the Pi does nothing at all.

So yeah, Like Microsoft I tried to update and instead ended up broken.

Might be a bad physical sdcard contact - try wiggling it!

(The B series seem particularly bad for that, it’s always a gamble whether my B will reboot cleanly or not - the B+ connector seems much better)

Just moved to 1.18-2 via the command line update process. All seems fine.

Same here.

BTW these -1 and -2 type updates are bugging me… Nobody is saying what they are for or fix. They are sorta “stealth” updates, yet have been produced to correct kinda MAJOR BUGS in some cases, like /tmp log file size runaway. Just sayin’. Please announce when every update becomes available and what it’s for…

Also wondering if auto update will push these minor revisions out to me?


I don’t think there is generally a -0, so the -1 is the first release of a minor version number. For example, 1.18-1 was the first 1.18 and the release notes covered everything. The -2 releases generally are fixes to the actual distribution, like a ZIP file problem for some people.

FWIW, there is a changelog included in each package; see /usr/share/doc/piaware/changelog.Debian.gz after installation.

(Getting the changelog before install is a little trickier, but you can use dpkg-deb -x piaware_foo.deb sometempdir to extract to sometempdir without installing)