Pi wont reconnect to network after network drop

Hello all,

Recently my Pi went offline. I had to reimage the card to get it back online.
This time I used the image instead of starting from scratch, noob, piaware, etc.
I have been having a lot of problems with the pi going offline. The logs will show that it is sending data but it doesn’t update Flightaware. I noticed today after rebooting my network that it didn’t reconnect. It showed data uploading but it said it had been 18 minutes since it last heard from my pi.

Is there a statement to tell the pi or the app to attempt a reconnect after a network interruption?


Assuming you’re using DHCP, try assigning a static address to your Pi’s hardware address in the DHCP settings on your router. Otherwise, if you reboot the router, the previous mapping is lost and the Pi doesn’t know about that until it next tries to refresh the lease (which could be hours)

Are you using WiFi? If so, you could try this script: rpi.tnet.com/project/scripts/wifi_check

It checks for a working network connection and if it doesn’t find one, restarts the WiFi dongle.

I use it on my pi as it is in the loft and going up there to reset it if I have to do anything to my router is a pain. I have it running every 5 minutes which seems OK.