Pi cpu load & temp

Hi All,
New to all this PI equipment but getting used to it quickly.
What does your PI run at on the cpu load and temperature?
Mine is running PiAware on a new PI 4 4gb in a Raspberry Pi 4 fan case and is coming up with::

PiAware Version: 6.1
Dump1090-fa Version: dump1090-fa 6.1

CPU Temperature: 30.2 C
CPU Load: 5%

Just curious to see what other people are seeing on loads and temps.

Here you go:

Using a RPi4 2GB with passive cooling @ 1500MHz,
Dongle Airspy Mini 20MHz sample rate

Pi 3 B+ with three heatsinks and black plastic Raspberry case: CPU average temperature 64.4 C, 12.5% average CPU utilization. I’ve ordered a replacement case made of aluminum alloy with a ventilated top to let heat escape. My Pi’s currently running at close to 70 C (nice weather today), and summer will be here in a little over 4 months so I’ll need more cooling after the rainy season’s over. I may even add a small fan later.

Raspberry PI4 with active Armor Case, Fan running at 3.3V
On the device there are four feeders running (RB24, FR24, Planefinder, Opensky) getting the data via net from my Jetvision Airsquitter.
Beside that it has WeeWX on it for my personal Weather Station and Virtual Radar Server as logging instance.

(different times for the graphs as there are some spikes in the CPU load based on testing)

Overall not really challenging for the Raspberry

Will you be adding a little fan to help dissipate the heat?

I am only running Piaware at the moment on mine, I will be adding adsbexchange at the weekend once I have connected the monitor etc as cannnot access pi from my computer at the moment.

I use the Airspy mini for my scanning on my main pc, have you done the firmware update as I have read some where that it does help on cpu usage?

Shouldn’t be a problem. Most of the load is done by dump1090-fa while the feeders themselves are not that high in CPU load. Just checked mine, the four feeds are using less than 10% of a single CPU core

I’m running MX Fluxbox Pi on my Pi 3 B+ with PiAware/Dump1090-fa package installs, feeding both FA and ADSBX with no problems other than the CPU temperature, which is still in the OK range for the CPU which doesn’t start throttling until 80 C and should be mitigated by my new case when it arrives in a few weeks anyway. The ambient temperature here is 28 C with a “feels like” temp of 31 today, though it feels hotter to me. On rainy cooler days it’s more like 28 and 28 in the middle of the day so the CPU temp drops into the mid-60s. It was a couple of degrees cooler when I was using the headless PiAware image but I missed having a graphic user interface, particularly a GUI file manager, text editor and search tool.

For the RPi4 I use this case and applied some thermal compound (Prolimatech PK-3).

Running firmware v1.0.0-rc6-0 released somewhere in 2020.
I’ve added two heat sinks on the Airspy to reduce the temperature.

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