Pi 3 heating up

I have a pi 3 and lately it’s been disengaging from Flightaware due to high CPU temperature (73C, 164F). It has heat sinks, and is not over clocked (I wouldn’t know how to do it). It sits out in the open and I even opened the top lid a bit. Any ideas? Re-image the SD card? Get a new Pi? Thanks for any help.

put it in the shadow or use a pi-zero or pi2 which both run cooler …

The Pi CPU heats up when it is busy or stressed in some other way, like being overclocked or having a run-away process.

Run the command ‘top’ (without the quotes) - you ‘should’ see a relatively quiet system. My Pi, for example, is running the latest Piaware distribution running three feeds.

(image of ‘top’ should appear here):

Usually the dump1090 process is the top CPU consumer (item #1 in the picture). The overall load on mine typically is under 1 process (“one quarter of a process on average”, item #2 in the picture).

My Pi resides indoors, has a small fan in the case - that brought the running temperatures down to 40-42 deg C. from 49-55 deg C without.

If you have other things running on the Pi besides the Piawaew suite, they might be contributing to the load. Try a reboot to see if the unit calms down. In my opinion, the SD card going bad will be seen as the Pi not running at all.

No worries about being too cold, in my experience - my other Pi in the shed is at
GPU temp=16.0’C | CPU temp=16.0’C | CPU freq=600MHz
this brisk morning (-20 deg C/-2 deg F).

I have my Pi3 in a waterproof box on the roof. I put a larger box around the inner box. The outer box is pasted up with aluminium tape. This kept the Pi cool during summer. Looks like this: