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RaspPi 4 is able to run FlightAware 3.7.1

Yesterday I have tested to use a new RasPi 4 with 4 GB RAM together with FlightAware 3.7.1.
and the FlightAware SDR PRO with integrated Filter.
Success ! It works fine !
Instead of a PiAware 3 Image on SD I have generated a new RaspBian Image with integrated Pi 4 Drivers. At next I installed a FlightAware 3.7.1 as descripted in FlighAware documentation.

The only “ugly” thing must be noted speciallly :
The Pi 4 without a cooling fan still very hot. It seems to be not really a long term stable platform.
Therefore a good and effective cooling system is essential.
Power ? More than some classes better than Pi 3.

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Colleague of mine has reported the same temperature topic.

He’s feeding FR24, FA, PF and Opensky without additional tasks on the device, but the temperature is already > 80°C

Try the POE fan or a heat sink using adhesive not tape.