pgsql41.8 is not a valid query result


Anyone know how to get rid of this error? It shows up on all profiles I am entering. Climb, cruise, and descents. No zeros are found anywhere. All are valid weights and temperatures in the format requested in the fine print on the data entry page.


What page are you seeing the error on?


This error shows up on all data entry pages as soon as I click “save changes.” It also lists “Error” on a fully completed descent profile, but I have not finished the climb and cruise just in case this error doesn’t go away. I don’t want to waste my time if its not going to work.


Thanks for the details, this should be fixed now.


It still doesn’t work. I even entered a ficticious airplane of another type with a single line of climb, cruise, and descent data with all whole numbers. Is anyone else having this issue? I have tried two different browsers from two computers.


Sorry for the inconvenience, we have fixed this issue.