Performance Profiles Not Showing


I set up N234W (a C210) and four performance profiles (2 Climb, 1 Cruise and 1 Descent)…the profiles show when I go to the AC data for edit but when I try to create a flight plan, the AC shows as a choice but none of the profiles show.


What web browser are you using? You selected your aircraft and it didn’t show up? Can you try refreshing? I logged into your account and it worked for me.


I am using IE as a browser…I guess I was not clear…the AC does show up, but the three profile windows below the AC selection window are blank…clicking on the drop down shows nothing.



I have the same problem. I frequently fly CAP aircraft and set up CPF824 as the AC ID. We file by flight # rather than tail #.

Anyone have an idea? Do flightaware folks monitor this forum?

It looks like a great service and time saver when they get it right.


OK…so now they do…computers!!!


I tried logging out and back in, still no joy. I then went to the site from a new tab and it worked.

However, Going forward to view the plan/file, the performance drop-downs were again empty and when going forward, the server issued an unrecoverable error.


Data Point: When finished with the input portion of the flight planning process…and after hitting “Plan Flight”, I am getting a “Service Interruption” error…I am guessing a lot of us are trying this cool new tool. However, if I use the browser’s “Back” button to go back to the data input page, the AC is showing, but once again the profiles options are missing. If I select another AC and then reselect N234W, the profiles reappear.


Try holding how shift while pressing refresh/reload while at



I discovered the problem was mine. The system offered two flight levels and I had not selected one.



When I was researching this on Google, I also found many references to using Shift-F5 in Firefox and Ctrl-F5 in Internet Explorer.

I found this out when I was trying to find the difference between a reload and a shift (or Ctrl) reload. The unshifted (or un-ctrl) reload does a forced reload regardless of what’s in the cache while the plain reload does it from the cache. Is this correct?


Right, the regular reload will reload the page itself, but not necessarily cached elements like Javascript code, formatting CSS, etc. For “behind the scenes,” you have to call in the big guns (shift).


having the same issues. Entered Climb Cruise Descent Data and when selecting Flt Plan the Aircraft is displayed but the profiles are left blank. Read previous posts and have tried the “Shift” reload to no avail.
Also why d I need to select a Fuel price for Depart or ARR airport. does not effect my fly planning.

So far from what I have seen and tried to enter I am not impressed. I use for most of my scheduling. Can get a quick check of Distance and estimate times with minimal data entry, I do fly other aircraft from time to time and I can easily get generic performance data for those from a drop down list.

Will continue to try and support Beta testing but so far, not overly impressed. Thank you.


In that this is a beta product you can expect to find anomolies. That’s the purpose of beta testing.

I use DUATS and am not familiar with other products, but software that can flight plan, hand me approach plates and file will work for me.

I would also like to view sequences, terminals and winds aloft.

Assuming their programmers are good, they’ll eventually get it right. Let’s hope they have high-time frequently-filing pilots on staff to make it flow properly.

Does this mean I may eventually be able to drop my Jepp sub’s?

Thanks for what looks to be a promising product.


We have Student, Private, and Commercial pilots on staff as well as an ATP and a couple CFII-MEIs, so you should be all set from every perspective.

Thank you for your feedback. Are you willing to switch to NACO charts or do you want to download Jepps off FlightAware?


Well free (as in beer) Jepps would be (kinda) awesome (although I actually prefer the NACO charts).

I do think that there would be people who probably would like to download Jepps though (even if they need a subscription). Such Jepp chart bundles would really make the service stand out, the only question is if they would have to subscribe separately, or if a single Jepp subscription would carry over.

In addition, wouldn’t you need to do something like this for Canada / Carribean? I’m pretty sure that Transport Canada won’t let you re-distribute Canadian approach plates without paying a licensing fee. (PM me for more).

~ Christopher


I’ve been flying Jepps all my life, but because I just found a free source for NACO, I will now fly them. I will use whatever charts I can get for the least cost.

Do you offer NACO’s?


Yes, on every airport status page, airport information page, and accompanied with all flight plans.


I wonder if strip enroute charts would work. Similar to mapquest stuff. That would make it one-stop shop.


If FA can’t implement your suggestion, PM me, there is a free offline flight planner that will do exactly what you are asking along with weather briefings and file the flight plan. Not quite strip like a AAA triptick, but it prints out a nice route map on a 8 by 11 1/2 sheet of paper. Depending on your computer savy, you could work the enroute portion down to a strip enroute map. My flights generally are GPS direct so I wouldn’t have that need you may have.

I use it for my IFR flight planning when I am at home since it’s not web based

It will not only provide the enroute maps but it will extract the exact type of charts I want from airports that I overfly (I ask for all ILS approaches). Maps provided by the program are “rudimentary” in nature, but fulfills my needs. You can “rubberband” the routes manually by dragging the flight path line on the map to the fix of your choice.

Maps provided by any source not officially blessed by the FAA are not to be used for navigation and I have the paper charts “on standby”. The online charts to me are much easier to handle in the cockpit.

I hope, like you that FA will implement the suggestion you say above as it’s much more convienent to get such information from web based applications.


So what do you use? I’m using Flightsoft, and it’s reasonable…