Perfect Vision Amp

Where can i buy the most and highly rated amplifier? Seems like haven’t seen any from any of the two big online market.

Waiting for the Amazon vendor who sold me the last one to get more in stock to connect to a UAT antenna I am working on tonight.

It shows in stock out of stock quite often so just keep an eye on the item. They have become available month to month and sell out fairly quickly.
Honestly the last one I bought was not what was pictured but worked just as good.

I had the same thing happen to me. The first one I ordered came from China. Then when I noticed it was coming from China, I ordered another one from a different seller. The seller from the US was. PV amp. The one from China had a white generic label on it. So far they both work ok.

Was your Chinese amp like the one in photo below? Couple of month ago I purchased one for less than Canadian $4 from eBay/Chinese seller. It failed for 1090 Mhz. It may be due to the unit I received was defective, or other possiblity is this brand is crap. When I wanted to return it and showed it to Canada Post outlet, they told me I have to pay $10. I intantly dropped the idea of returning it. :frowning:

Yes the same thing. I been using it for about week so far so good. Mine came from Amazon.

This means the brand is not crap, the unit I received was defective.
I will order one more, this time from amazon.

abcd567: Here is the one that I have. I thought It was the white label 20db. I got this from Amazon when I ordered the perfect vision. Still working good though.

Hate to resurrect an old thread but just a word of caution to anyone stumbling across it in a search looking for a “Perfect Vision” amp.

Nope it’s crap.

I order up one of the “AP20” 20db amps as a backup off of eBay. I finally got around to replacing a failing INA30HS with one and the thing last week and it was garbage do not waste the money even if it only costs 4 dollars. I watched my average drop in half with this thing in line. Looked all over for the “Perfect Vision” clone in the picture sjacket99 posted and could not find one. Had the exact same thing and the amp rocked until the weather finally took it’s toll after my tape job failed this winter… Ended up finding this one. So far it’s reminding me of how things were when my generic INA30HS was in use.

I’ve got a perfect vision amp about to be removed from service if someone is looking for one.