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Pblems Using the Site

What is the problem here? I am constantly battling screen freezes, the ridiculous hour glass and inability to scroll. I’ve had this problem with different computers and different ISP’s. I am close to pulling the plug on Flightaware!

Oh! No! Don’t pull the plug on FlightAware! I don’t think the owners or the users will like that!

Several questions in order to intelligently address your problem.

  • where are you located?
  • do you have problems accessing other sites?
  • what browser(s) are you using?
  • what type of computers are you using (Windows, Mac, ???)?
  • have you checked your computers to see if they are infected with a virus or two or three?
  • in line with the above, do you have only 1 and no more than 1 virus program running?
  • do you have lots of add-ins (extensions) on your browser(s)?

Can you post the contents of flightaware.com/fix so we know what platform you’re on?

Its you. I have never had a delay on the site - not from many computers and ISP’s