Paul Allen's New Helicopter Crashes Off Argentina


Paul was not on board but TMZ (welcome to News 2011) has video of the aircraft on a truck–looking pretty bad.

No information was given on how long it was in the water before being pulled or what body of water it crashed into–fresh or salt. As the aircraft is being pulled out on the flat-bed, you can clearly see large ships behind the truck–so I believe this aircraft crashed while landing or taking off of one of his major boats.

It was registered less than 6 months ago.

In other Paul Allen news–

He has sold his 757’s–one to Google and I believe the other to Donald Trump.

His Global is still registered to him but he just got a G550 last week N535GA though I’m sure the reg will change–nothing pending as of yet.

Anyone with any additional information–please provide your input.


Geez - even the rich are hurting in this economy :stuck_out_tongue:



The helicopter was fine!!!, it was departing his Yacht Octopussy in the bay off the town of Ushuaia, Argentina - it was to fly to the local airport in the Southern tip of South America - where they where to pick up Mr. Allen and take him to Octopussy - which was to sail to Antarctica.

The chopper clipped a cable on the ship, and made a precautionary landing i the sea water - however when the gung-ho rescue crew showed up to tow it to shore - the helicopter flipped over and sank - it remained underwater at the surface level held up by it’s emergency floats, but fully submerged.

Most likely a write-off. More on the Gulfstream in the biz jet threads.