Pat Robertson Plane Crash

A Lear 35 owned by Pat Roberton crashed at GON today. Robertson was not aboard. id=2034542


Correct ABC link is

Okay - the question BEGS to be asked…
Do you think he was at ACY reaching out to all the sinners there???
(The part about renting the plane out is a cover-up)



Read the article again. Robertson wasn’t on the aircraft.

That’s because they just DROPPED HIM OFF in ACY! :laughing:
All the casinos just love a “whale” when he comes into town!

The New York Times has a picture and references FlightAware.

  1. They’re not releasing the names of the survivors.
  2. Sgt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police said the plane had come from Virginia Beach.
  3. A woman at International Jet Charter said the company had no comment on the accident.
    I smell cover-up! :smiling_imp:
    He was dropping brown chips on the pass line of the craps tables, and gittin’ jiggy wit the waitresses! :wink: