Passenger Dies Aboard JFK to Miami Flight - Plane Diverted

#1 … -on-board-

Presumably AAL613
Map shows they were gonna divert to KRDU, but then did a 180 for Norfolk.

NORFOLK, Va. – A 73-year-old passenger who was complaining of feeling ill has died on board an American Airlines flight and the plane has been diverted to Virginia.

Norfolk Airport Authority executive director Wayne Shank says the New York-to-Miami flight landed at Norfolk International Airport shortly before 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The passenger had complained he wasn’t feeling well about 20 minutes after the flight took off from John F. Kennedy International Airport. Crew members’ efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

Shank says the state medical examiner’s office will determine what caused his death. He declined to release the man’s name, but said he was a Miami resident.

Should’a just kept on keepin’ on to Miami unless the guy died during the approach as they were trying to get him medical help on the ground.


Only an MD can pronounce someone dead, so they apparently went for the nearest spot with an EMT crew to provide continued resuscitation efforts and transport, regardless of what the onboard emergency defibrillator may have indicated.