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Part 91 private pilots wearing epaulettes .


Or a spoiled rich dude who thinks he is cool because he has a 707. He likes to make people think he is the captain of the aircraft when in reality he only has second-in-command privileges.


…a dude on here with 2,000+ Posts and less than 100hrs total time…

Me!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


While I’m no apologist for the subject gentleman, one can hardly be characterized as “spoiled” if it was all earned by the sweat of his own brow.


You can be rich and humble or you can be rich and spoiled. The person I’m talking about is the latter.


I would hold off on bashing him, because apparently I’m just as bad. I’ve been known to wear my sportys flight jacket on flights during colder days. It has the AOPA wings logo embroidered on the right side. Anyway according to my instructor, I have “no right to criticize Clarence [my co-pilot] if I’m walking around with wings on my chest.”


Next time you fly, dress like “Maverick” and refer to him as your RIO.


I’m saving the shenanigans for Halloween.


Say what you will about the guy, but credit him with saving that historic bird from the boneyard and keeping it flying!

I just hope the same arrangements will be made with other spoiled, rich people who want to own and fly a 727 or a DC-9. And if they get to wear Captain’s bars while only holding a Flight Engineer rating on the plane, I’d be okay with that!


Yes, he saved it but he’s also, as he likes to make people believe, not the PIC of the aircraft. He doesn’t have those privileges.


You don’t have to be the PIC to be the PF!


And where did I say that you have to be PIC to be the pilot flying???


Jealous much? :smiley:


Ad much as it pains me to say this. JT is a good pilot. I have flown with his G2 guy and he said John is pretty sharp.


No. Just not impressed with “celebrities”.


Translation; I’m an angry, bitter old man that can’t stand the fact someone who loved aviation since they were a kid actually did something with his life and made his dreams come true! :smiling_imp: :laughing:


Glad to see you know me seeing as we’ve never met.

I’m not impressed with celebrities of any kind unless they earn my respect. Travolta hasn’t. Jimmy Stewart did. George Harrison did. Both were great aviation people in addition to being actors. When I find out an article - any article - about Travolta where he says he loves aviation and that when he pilots N707JT with the help of a crew, my respect for him will go up slightly.

The impression he gives is that he flies the aircraft by himself.


Considering that the 707 wasn’t certified for single pilot operations…

Dude have you met JT? I myself don’t judge people whom I haven’t met… Just sayin’…


You know the 707 isn’t certified for single pilot operations.
I know the 707 isn’t certified for single pilot operations.
Most people on this forum knows the 707 isn’t certified for single pilot operations.
Does John Q Public, Mrs. Public, and the children Public know this?

I don’t personally know JT but I have seen him on TV interview shows and have read articles about him.




While George Harrison starred in a few films (A Hard Days Night, Help!, Yellow Submarine), I think it’s safe to say he was more of a musician than an actor. I never knew he was a pilot.