I know I could probably google this, but after hours of recovering my pc to a new clean state from some nasty trojans, I feel safer asking here. I see many private, corporate and executive jet pilots wearing street clothes (albiet nice ones) when flying clients yet at other times, they’re in uniform. What are the rules for wearing epaulets for noncommercial, or is it just a pilot or client preference thing?


Epaulets are decoration only. It’s just a matter of preference management or the Big Boss makes on the uniform their pilots wear.


So it’s a shoulder thing. I thought it might be. Thanks.


More like a “head thing” :slight_smile:


Head and shoulders. Could be a dandriff thing. :confused:


Around here I see some pilots getting out of jets in full uniform while others are wearing cut off shorts in the middle of winter. I’m torn on the subject… do I want my pilot to look professional and be a complete idiot or would I rather she be really comfortable and very competent?


Well since your pilot is a she, you would probably prefer her in the epaulets ONLY.


I’d be trying to figure out how they stay on her.


In my former life I wore epaulets when we flew domestic only! Flying international especially to 3rd world countries, I did not want to be in a cab or walking the streets wearing a uniform. In fact before we left the aircraft we would put on polo shirts. Our a/c didn’t have a US flag painted on the tail.

Anywhere we flew, ANYWHERE, we carried a lot of cash. I always put some in every pocket and only $50.00 or so in my wallet. When I was mugged in Lima I handed over my wallet and watch and still had the cash I needed.

BTW I hated wearing epaulets. I always felt as if I was under a microscope when I was out doing anything. I did play golf once in epaulets. :blush:


Ya know it’s funny… at some point years ago (still true today) I realized I had never seen a pilot in uniform at a gas station or grocery store. I always see people wearing scrubs and other uniforms. Then when I have run into commuting pilots I know in airports they are usually wearing their pilot pants and a polo or tropical print shirt.

A few weeks ago I saw epaulets on a lady at the grocery store and it caught my attention. When she turned around it said “TSA” on her back. I started laughing. Figures! :smiling_imp:


I wonder if the captains for the NY Islanders charters are required to have alternating blue and orange stripes on their epaulets?


A new way of multi tasking with “straps”

If they can hold up other things, surely they can hold down epaulets on the shoulder. :stuck_out_tongue:



When flying in the states our crews dress casual.
When flying overseas, we wear uniforms on the job only. It helps get through security. Many countries place a lot of importance an position staus etc… & some won’t even let you out to the aircraft unless you are in uniform. When not on duty we reomove epulets, ties; put on nonuniform sweaters or jackets and blend in. As stated in another post, carry large amounts of cash overseas.


We have a loose policy. Old pilot used to wear shirt, tie, and 4 bars by his own choice so I’d match him (less 1 bar). Now we have been issued button down shirts with the company logo embroidered on the front. No ties, no bars.

I felt we were treated more professionally in the full get-up. Sometimes it’s nice to dress the part too. Now, we often get mistaken for the Pax at the FBO.


The real joke is when GA pilots, simply flying themselves, were epaulets. :unamused:


Like JT :open_mouth:


Which loops right to what I said in my original post… :smiley:


Now I never wear them but in the past we would wear them when flying into foreign countries as they treated you much better when you are dressed as a crew member with the monkeys bars on your shoulder



:laughing: Spoken like a true switch bitch :stuck_out_tongue: