Page top links (no My FlightAware)

Is there a technical reason that the links at the top of the Public Discussions pages are:
Live Tracking | Analysis | Discussions | Mobile Devices | Frequently Asked Questions | About

but all the rest of the pages outside of discussions have:
**Live Tracking | Analysis | Discussions | My FlightAware | Mobile | Profile | Frequently Asked Questions | News | About **?

I really miss not having a “My FlightAware” link from the Public Discussions page.

The forums software (phpBB) doesn’t know if you’re logged into FA or not, so it doesn’t know if it should display the Profile and My FlightAware links (which are only available to logged-in users).

In the long term we’ll find a way to better integrate phpBB, but it’s not high on the priority list.

We now link to “My FlightAware” from the discussion forums although it is not intelligent yet (i.e., it doesn’t really know if you’re logged in or not, so the link may result in a page asking you to login).