Other small PiAware devices..


Are there any plans to create a working PiAware image for the BananaPi?


The packages are available separately you could simply install them manually on top of Raspbian re-spin from LeMaker http://www.lemaker.org/resources/9-38/image_files.html.

I would use obj’s version, so you could compile:

piaware mutability - https://github.com/mutability/dump1090

dump1090 mutability - https://github.com/mutability/piaware


Thank you, I’ll give that a try. If I have some success, I’ll post my results here.


I’m on bananapi and everything works out of the box, just proceed as you’d have a raspberrypi.


Do you mean that you have the PiAware 1.20-1 image working on a BananaPi? I’ve tried that and my BananaPi will not boot.


I misread the first message. I’m on raspbian running piaware and dump1090 mutability. For me there’s no advantage using the flightaware’s image, since I like “messing” things around myself.


As noted above by moof, this does indeed work very well on the Banana Pi, thanks for the suggestion.