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OT - Anyone know a good SDR Tuner for Dongle for Linux

Have the version II doing adsb but I want to play with the old one on my laptop and I run Linux Mint on it.

I did google searches galor but have not find a quick and easy like the SDSharp (Its windows only now)


Doesnt work on my machine. I assume you must be a linux guru to run it, It doesnt recognize my dongle when I type in terminal gqrx. Reading the documentation I get lost. Like I said Newby at linux. I can manuver around some but thats about it.

It works out of the box on my system.

Does your dongle work and if yes, how do you know? Try running rtl_test -t and send the output here.

Dongle worked on my Desktop and my Raspberry. When I run gqrx I get

Gqrx has detected problems with the current configuration. Loading the configuration again could cause the application to crash.
Do you want to edit the settings?

When I open settings in the selection I see the device options o

RTL-SDR Spectrum Server
Complex Sampled (IQ) File

From what docs I can read it should also display the Dongle but does not.
I cannot run RTL_TEST as Ive not installed any adsb software on the laptop thats what the raspberry is for. I just wanted to play around tuning the spectrum.

Install rtl_test and check that it works, at the moment you have no idea if librtlsdr is working or not, if the dongle is e.g. in use by a kernel driver you’d see exactly the behaviour you get.
(“apt-get install rtl-sdr” should do it)

thanks got it to work and gqrx recognized it to select. But now I get another error. Ill go to the gqrx google group for that.