Orange dongle vs Uputronics 1090 preamp

I have The orange Flightaware sdr dongle and i`m haunting more range/performance to my setup.
I was wondering if the Uputronics 1090 preamp will do any good for my setup with the orange dongle, i know it has a preamp build in, so mayby its not a good idea with one more preamp.

What do you think?

Hello, as the orange dongle dosnt have the filter but if you are experiencing interference on the GSM bands around 900mhz you could try running spektrum to see what’s what as you could need a filter, but you could also do some gain tests to see what your currently getting. Have you got Graphs1090 installed if your running on a raspberry?

I have the FA dark blue filter installed also so interfence from gsm is not a issue here.
I have graph1090 installed.
I have played around with gain, and i have best performance with -10

The Uputronics works pretty well with any of the FA sticks. I was operating it with the blue one and got an improved reception. So i would expect that it works even better with the orange stick.

You dont think it will conflict due to overload because of the already build-in LNA in the orange stick? :slightly_smiling_face:

That means you need to work on your antenna / coax first.

Also post your graphs. They are pictures and can easily be uploaded here.


I was using the blue Stick in combination with the Uputronic. Simply reduce the gain and it’s all good

Okay, mayby -10 wasnt the best afterall. I would say 43,9 is best for my setup. I have changed the gain every day and found that 43.9 works best.
I could try graphs.

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So you would say, go for it, i guess.

43.9 without an additional amp is typically one of the best values for gain.

You can give it a try. It can’t build miracles, but you will see an improvement.
With the Uputronics, gain need to be reduced for sure.

Mine was running fine with values between 20 and 30 (some testing required)

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