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Optimization Scripts for Latest 3.6.3 Install?

I’ve looked for the last and final set of scripts with some uncertainty. Can anyone identify the latest thread? Thanks!

which scripts are you talking about?

The scripts that determines optimal gain setting…I thought I saw a thread with updated scripts but I can’t seem to locate it now.

those scripts don’t depend on version as far as i know.

Anyway you don’t need a script, displaying the RSSI in SkyView is sufficient.

Click on expand sidebar:

Click the column head of RSSI twice so the numbers closer to zero are first:

If there are entries larger than -3, for example -2 you can reduce the gain.

If that RSSI of -2 or -2.5 happens very rarely you are just fine in regards to the gain.

If all entries are smaller than -4 then you may want to increase the gain.

What setup in regards of dongle / antenna are you running?

I have RPi 3, Piaware 3.6.3, latest FA ProStick Plus dongle, not using additional external FA filter, 30ft of RG-6 (quad shield), FA antenna at 30’. Gain at 49.6

Pasted some random snips.



Wouldn’t reduce the gain. (You could even try -10 for more gain if you want)

Seems like low signal levels for that combination though.
With the prostick plus and home built antennas i normally ran a gain of 40 to 44.
(Maybe you have trees around you those cut signal level quite a bit)

But i don’t know where the planes are in relation to your antenna :slight_smile:
Might also be a suboptimal cable. (you would need to look at the attenuation of the product you are using)

Anyway your reception looks fine looking at your FA stats :wink:

I thought of swapping out the RG-6 for LMR-400. Winter here upstate NY so semi-unpleasant process (even for ex-Adirondack native :slight_smile: ). Guess I’m looking for last and final tweaks. This fall I put a N connector on the antenna end of the RG-6 removing an adapter. Weatherproofed it completely.

Will replace the Pi with a B+ and fast SD card (really want the old one for another project).

SBS plot attached. I have some trees to the north-west but fairly clear otherwise. May run -10 for a week to see what that brings.

Thanks for the help!


If you want to really go for it i would recommend this little box:

You could probably get the thing weather proof with tape and then give it a small can so it’s shielded form the sun.

That way the cable after the LNA wouldn’t really matter and you could keep your current cabling.
(You would need a N to SMA adapter though and connect your current cable to the LNA)

Also you need a bias-t to run the LNA. I’m running in with the RTL dongle which has a bias-t builtin.

Anyway such endeavors are probably better suited to the summer months :slight_smile:

P.S.: 30 ft of cable is quite a bit do you have it setup on top of a mast?

Yes, it’s on top of a mast on the roof. Two story house. And…the RPi is in the basement. So I could trim that cable length down a bit if I located the whole affair up under the roof eave, POE cable up vs. coax. That would limit the antenna feed to maybe 8-10 feet but…weatherproof box outside complication. Easy to access from lower roof via bedroom window exit. Still sounding like Spring 19 event.

RSSI at -10:


Putting the pi or an LNA under the roof seems like a good idea :slight_smile:

Have fun!

Oh have you checked if you are terrain limited?
(What is the Maximum Range I can Get?)