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Operator Flag Populate

Good afternoon all,

Since “Active Display Pro” is no longer operating since the passing away of Gary.

Does anyone know of a way to Operator Flag Populate?

I can use the old “Active Display Lite” or “SBS Populate” to change text or to add Operator Codes etc but even though I have created 85x20 size .bmp images to match Operator Codes and placed in the Operator Flag folder, it will not populate.

Does anyone know how this can be done, or if there is another developer who has created software to manipulate the basestation.sq file as Gary could?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Where are you trying to use the Operator Flags, in BaseStation? The operator flags should be in a folder (directory) called OperatorFlags, within your main BaseStation folder. BaseStation should read them from there and populate the relevant column in the table, assuming you have assigned the flags to be displayed.

A follow on…if it is more about populating and keeping the BaseStation.sqb database up to date then I can recommend ADU Software and the associated SBS utility. It is particularly flexible for managing operator flags and provides all the other aircraft data from the weekly updated ADU database. It is quite expensive (£90 for a year subscription and including the SBS utility) but also provides excellent logging and search facilities if you are a plane spotter, and the support is excellent.

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for your reply and I’ll answer both of your replies here.

I knew where to store the bitmap images, as I stated that I created 85x20.bmp images and placed them in the OperatorFlag folder.

I created the new images for new airlines since subscription to AD Pro is no longer being renewed by Nicky (Gary’s daughter) but I did say that the images were not populating.

However, I can now confirm that my new images are populating but not automatically being displayed in Virtual Radar, until the aircraft is “seen” again after saving and closing my BaseStation.sq database. Then once opened again, I can then see my new Operator Flag.

Regards to your second reply. I will have a look at this new software, as it would be good to be able to completely load my BaseStation file and remove any “unknowns”, as you were able to in AD Pro.

AD Pro was an amazing piece of software by Gary, it’s just a shame that no one else in GAS (Gatwick Aviation Society) was able to continue with Gary’s work.

Thanks again for your replies :smiley:

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