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Open Skies Air Flight 4

If it was a emergency why did they fly 700 kms. Instead of flying to Sydney or Halifax.No comments from the KALB telling me to Google it.thank-you


Don’t cry Jimmy!

I’ll live, Johnny… Jonny? Johnnie?

Check avhearld.com in a few days. the cause may show up there…

as to why KBOS… facilities for maintenance? weather in KBOS was better than CYHZ? Does CYHZ have a curfew?

So many questions…

But there where even closer to Gander which does not have a curfew.

Exactly… why? Good question. Did you do any research of your own? Did you look at boston.com to see if maybe it made the local news there? Does Halifax, indeed, have a curfew? Are there facilities on airport in Gander or Halifax to fix a busted 757?

An inquiring mind wants to know… perhaps you could check those things out.

I thought thats what the discussion page was about not someone to tell me to do research. discussion means having a discussion?

Why have a discussion page.i think everyone knows you can find anything if you keep googling stuff but hey this is better to get people’s interactions.not some know it all.

No… that would be the questions and answers page.

If say, someone starts the discussion:

“OpenSkies 4 diverted the the other day to KBOS (flightaware.com/live/flight/BOS4 … /KEWR/LFPO). CYHZ would seem to be a logical diversion point since it doesn’t have a curfew. Everything I’ve found so far points to the fact there aren’t services to fix a 757 there, though. Perhaps it was diverted to KBOS due to facilities. I haven’t been able to find anything on what services are available at KBOS. What would be some of the reasons they diverted to KBOS instead of a closer airfield?”


You could just ask the question and expect someone else to find the answers.

But that’s me… the transplanted Upstate New Yorker from Indiana…