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Only three flights returned?

When I call FlightInfoEx(“LY12”,15,0) only three flights are returned.

If I’m requesting 15 flights why am I getting only three back?


FlightXML is only designed to return recent flights. For FlightInfo/FlightInfoEx, this means only flights that operated within approximately the last 2 weeks will be returned.

OK, How do I get a list of all flights from the last 30 days instead of the last two weeks?

You may use FlightXML to request aircraft you expect to be interested in and save that information in a database for your future use. Otherwise, it is not possible to retrieve flights older than 2 weeks using FlightXML.

If you do not expect this to be a regular request and you have a strong need for those historical flights, then you can also request a custom CSV report to be generated by FlightAware for a data consultation fee.