FlightInfoEx returning "no data available" for all Virgin flights


I put in a flight number (ex: VRD1713) and get no data. On the website, a search for VRD1713 shows data from 3 or 4 weeks ago.

So there IS data, although old data, it exists. What’s happening here?


FlightXML does not return data older than 2 weeks, by design.


“FlightInfoEx returns information about flights for a specific tail number (e.g., N12345),…The howMany argument specifies the maximum number of flights to be returned… The oldest flights searched by this function are about 2 weeks in the past”

So this means that no flights older than 2 weeks are returned? Why isn’t there recent info available for Virgin flights?

EDIT: Also, if you could answer for me if there’s any way to get data that’s over 2 weeks old through FlightXML, since its available on the website.


Virgin America (VRD) was merged into Alaska Airlines (ASA), and no longer operates independently.

FlightXML is not intended for accessing historical data. See https://flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/faq.rvt#history