One Dead In OK Turnpike Plane Crash


One Dead In Turnpike Plane Crash

Posted: April 28, 2008 02:37 PM

Updated: April 28, 2008 04:12 PM

Traffic along the Will Rogers Turnpike near Miami is being diverted because of a plane crash.

The plane, a single engine private aircraft, apparently crashed onto the westbound lanes of the Will Rogers Turnpike just after 2:00 on Monday afternoon.

A spokesman with the Picher Fire Department says the plane exploded on impact. One person is confirmed dead.

The crash happened at mile marker 312, which is about 500 yards from the Miami exit on I-44.

Westbound traffic is being diverted off the turnpike at mile marker 313. At this time, one lane eastbound and one westbound lane of I-44 is open.


Ain’t much left for investigators to examine. Looks like he T-boned the jersey barrier!


What was the weather at KMIO at the time? At the location described, I-44 runs SSW/NNE. If the plane hit the Jersey barrier pretty much head-on (as it appears), it was heading ~110 or so. I wonder if the plane took off heavy from KMIO.

Bad deal.


I fly out of KMIO and in fact did pattern work this morning. My Dad and I have a Cardinal there and I am a student pilot. Weather was nice but there was a good crosswind today. 270 at 15G20. I satyed in the pattern and just did T & G’s with my instructor as it was a little too much CW for my tastes. The plane was owned by a local pilot/businessman. It was a Legend 500hp V8. Here is a pic of the plane as it was being built.



There’s a Legend based here, and it’s a turbine. The plane in that construction pic looks like a turbine as well, not a V8. I think it’s the same one found in a Meridian. Sure sounds the same anyways, as it taxies by.
Now, if the model is called “V8”, then my apologies.


The aircraft in the picture is a turbine Legend, a kit plane powered by a Walter M601 turbine engine. The German engineered engine is similar to the P&W PT6.


Click Here According to this article, the owner/pilot had very little experience in flying this high performance aircraft.


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