One Antenna with two receiver

I need some tips on how to work with single antenna on two receivers. Does reversing the splitter works?

I tried this before using the following. It worked out for what I had in mind. I use this on my OTA setup. Even though the freq only goes to 1000 MHz, it still worked for me.

This one passes power.

ok tried several splitter from my collections, some china made wont work…its killing the incoming signals… time warner 2 way splitter works just fine and the directv 8 way splitter also works great so far found no decrease on the messages and counts…

You need a proper splitter with good isolation between the ports; the dongles are not well isolated so they will interfere with each other if you use a splitter with no isolation.

You’re going to lose around 3dB of signal, there’s not much you can do about that.

I just received a couple of these yesterday, and the one I’m using seems to be working fine.

So far the Directv splitter works fine… but i got another one this morning from the thrift store for the price of .25c :slight_smile:

This one:

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