Obama to MSY - Oil Leak Response

Air Force One heading to MSY today, due in about 11:30am.

After departure about 3:00pm, it’s off to SFO.

Press plane,

flightaware.com/live/flight/GWY3 … /KADW/KMSY

Used to use JetBlue for the press, now on USA 3000.

What is he going there for?

SOS, going to a school and a town hall meeting.

Coming back to MSY tomorrow for oil well disaster.

Try to keep up.


Frank Holbert

I fear this is still in the beginning stages of the worst environmental disaster of all time. And Frank, I just realized Will asked that last October.

At last - Obama’s going to get an HONEST job and fight the oil spill!

He needs to keep his butt in DC. We’ll get more accomplished without his “Photo Ops”.

All Presidents feel the need to go to the disaster and see “first-hand” the devastation. In reality, it is a PR mission which cost the taxpayers millions in travel and security, and as I have seen first hand, completely disrupts those trying to fix the problem. <davysims=Katrina Survivor>

I prefer them doing PR stops, though he needs to come to Dayton so I can get some pics of AF1. Plus if they’re traveling, they can’t make stupid laws.

How much water for firefighting do those boats carry?


Frank Holbert

Huh? I would imagine those boats pull water from the source they’re floating in, wouldn’t they?

They don’t carry a drop of water for firefighting. They draw from the water they are floating in.

No, the fish would plug up the hose.

Wha?? Since when did Frank become a troll? :laughing:

You would be amazed what a fire pump can suck up and send through a hose. :laughing: (Voice of experience)

Will this…

Fit though this?

It will, but I never said what it would look like after encountering the pump/blender.



I was really expecting a child birth story.

A Fedex DC10 arrived from ANC,

flightaware.com/live/flight/FDX9 … /PANC/KMSY

Maybe parts and supplies to help with the disaster?

Also, here is the TFR for MSY and the Gulf of Mexico,