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NYE Fireworks

It has just gone midnight and we are in to 2019 in East Coast Australia.

Happy New Year

Normally I am on a sail boat watching the fireworks over the City of Melbourne but I have injured my back and couldn’t go this year,

I noticed a few light planes flying over which is very unusual for midnight so I looked at Skyview.

Enjoy the New Year wherever you are and be safe.



They seem to be flying really close to each other.

Support for the 2 police helicopters?

Little puzzled :slight_smile:

15 buildings in the city had coordinated fireworks.

They just seem to be flying in circles having a look or maybe some was media.

I was surprised to see some flying circuits in opposite directions.


Happy New Year!

Here, on US east coast, I just woke up in the last day of 2018.