NWA worker accused of ... on passenger during flight

I will let you read what happens because I don’t want to right about this.
Northwest News
Here’s the flight

I’d like to read about it, if only there was a working link!! There’s GOT to be more to the story, although I can’t think of much that would justify this. :angry:

Story here.

Raises more questions than answers.


Crap I’m sorry I forgot to check it to make sure it worked.

The woman told authorities she felt Gonzalez ‘spoon’ her, or cradle her body from behind, and then felt her shirt being lifted up.

After some time, the man then stood up and walked to the front of the plane.

WTF??? Um…“get the F*** off me, you F***ing creep!!!”

And how exactly do you spoon someone seated in an airline seat?

Want a chuckle? Just imagine that the subject female was Erika or, even funnier, Steph! *****

(***** For those interested, Erika is his older sister, a world ranked gymnast in her youth. Steph is his other sister, an Olympic class pole vaulter who at one point was ranked no. 7 in the world before her retirement from the sport two years ago.)

He wouldn’t have walked to the front of the plane, he’d likely find himself on the floor at the front of the plane with no recollection on how he got there!

How hot could this woman possibly have been that
a)he had to “do the deed” right then & there,
b)he was willing to risk getting his @$$ (or other body parts) kicked in a big way, and
c)he was willing to risk his job with NW over such a mindless act?

What the hell were the other passengers doing while this was taking place? I’d have taken care of him on behalf of the woman. I always joke about what a pervert I am, but these type of “people” are just a putrid cancer that makes it impossible for someone like me (or you) to even smile at a little tot (or a woman) in public without drawing awkward looks and suspicions from others.

(Stepping down off my soapbox, and feeling much better now.)

Or, maybe he didn’t leave an adequate tip? :open_mouth:

I don’t know how adequate his “tip” was, but he did make a nice deposit…on her “behalf,” nonetheless.
[Sorry, I just coudn’t bring myself to let that oportunity slide by.]

That’s it. I’m tucking my shirt in from here on out.

i have a few questions…

  1. Why didn’t the female passenger say something??? She said she felt something, like someone “spooning” her

  2. wouldn’t other passengers see people trying to join the Mile High Club???

  3. Why an airplane? The seats are like germ-infested with people always sitting there.

I have to say just one thing: If you are going to join the Mile High Club, at least get your membership in the bathroom

Bathroom? Bah, use your own plane! Or at least charter one.

Mile High Club Charters

Be sure your captain changes the sheets during preflight! :wink:

we had some doctors charter one of our 414s and they went to a concert and got hammered. the next day when i was cleaning it out i told the pilot they left some of their booze, thats when he mentioned the other of what went on.one couple decided to join the club. himself and one of the other passengers who got up front with him had to close the curtain they were laughing so hard. he said he helped them out some by bouncing the plane up and down some.

What happens in the airplane stays in the airplane.

I’m just glad we can close the curtain, and if it’s really bad, we can open the lav door which seals us off from the back.

So your company flies the Pilatus single pilot?

I agree with you, what were the other passengers doing that they didn’t see anything.