Northwest DC-10 Returns

A Northwest DC-10 was escorted by F-16’s back to Schiphol airport in Amsterdam after 12 passangers were seen exchanging phones and trying to use them in flight. … 342481.htm

If these people turn out NOT to be affiliated w/ a terror group (as will probably be the case), there will be some grandstanding leftist that will come forward and make a big deal about paranoia being too prevalent, profiling is causing too many false alarms, the war on terror is a sham, Bush sucks, viva Karl Marx, blah blah blah…
Here’s an idea: When you’re in a worldwide situation of elevated security (or even when you’re not), how about following the goddamn instructions that the airlines give you. Sit in your seat until the seat belt light goes off. Don’t use your cell phones until you’re told it’s okay. Don’t be a disruption in the cockpit. Don’t urinate on the floor of the cabin. Don’t do anything that would lead people to suspect you of being anything other than a harmless airline passenger. How frickin’ hard is it to sit in your seat and be normal?

The longer I live on this Earth, the more I despise the people who inhabit it. Like the *Porno for Pyros *song says “…we’re like the dinosaurs, only we are doing ourselves in much faster than they ever did. We’ll make great pets!!”

I don’t recall that one coming up in the safety lecture. Which gives me a great excuse to link to one of the better rents of our time

Even in RDU the word is RANT!


Yeah yeah yeah… in one tab I had an apartment search engine loaded, in another I had Flight Aware…

(And just in case you were picking on a supposed southern accent… I’m from Iowa and have a very neutral accent).

( gives you $100 when you refer them when you move into a new apartment, easy money!)

That’s where I was headed!

Everybody thinks their own accent is neutral.

Do you say Iowa or Ioway?? :wink:

I say Iowa. Very few people say Ioway. The worst people do is say Warshington and stuff, but most of them are in the smaller towns and farms (where my grandparents grew up). That and the nasty habit of ending sentences in prepositions.

The area of the state I’m from (Quad Cities) we pick up a bit more of the Chicago accent, and most people pronounce it Quat Cities. I’ve been down here for two years and I sound like I should be on the news in comparison to some people (including my future inlaws!). Other areas of the state in the NE pick up a Wisconsin accent, N and NW get a Minnesota (contrary to popular belief they are different). Southern Iowan’s are all farm boys and just get the Missouri (Missoura) accent.

And thanks for the link. I’ve already been using them- very nice service as long as you have a throwaway e-mail address to use. I haven’t received any spam yet, but I’m not convinced.