NWA 91


Anyone know what happened with this flight today?

flightaware.com/live/flight/NWA9 … /KMSP/KLAX

I checked this site and was looking at MSP traffic around noon, noticed flight 91, which departed at about 11:40 out of MSP and was about 15 minutes out and noticed it was turning back towards MSP and descending. Then I watched (via this site and Google Earth/FBOWeb) as it landed back at MSP about 12:15 or so.

Then a few hours later it took off again, must have used the original flight plan, because duration MSP-LAX was 6:10, when it should be around 3:15 or so. So I am guessing it doesn’t show as diverted because they didn’t close the flight plan.

NWA.com has updated flifo to show only the 2nd departure time of 2:08 PM and a note “Diversion-delay due to mechanical problem”

Anyone know what the mechanical problem was?