Notification of status change

If this has been discussed, I have not been able to locate it after what I thought was a fairly diligent search:

Would it be possible to have notification of any of the aircraft in my watch list sent to my email address (or cell phone or pager, which have their own email addresses).

I need to meet g/a aircraft at the airport from time to time to pick up passengers and/or packages. Often times, in spite of the best intentions, they are delayed one or two or three hours in departing.

If a tail number or flight number on my watch list could automatically notify me when it changes its status to “airborne” or “arrived” it would be really great.


Welcome to FlightAware Joe,

There have many several posts asking your question, but I had to go way back to find a thread that gave an answer Here. The short of it is it is built into the system, and will be turned on at some point in the future.

Edited to fix link.

We’re working on this, but testing is going to take a while. We’d hate to have a bug in our code send you a few hundred thousand text messages.

Thats a good point. I’d hate to have to send you my cell phone bill!