Dispatch email for activity when a/c on watch list


If FA system could dispatch an email when a FP is filed, activated, and when activated every 10 mins with progress strip, this would be a really cool feature. :smiley:

Sort of analagous to: (for example) I’m on Alaska #597 departing at 10:00AM from SEA, and Alaska sends me an email saying my flight is on time. Lots of room for improvement even in their system, but would be really cool if we could do this in GA too.

Naturally, this would lead to a desire to track more than 5 planes. I would say that 10 would be much more flexible. Then, members could track friends/family, etc.


Before anyone chastizes me for not reading before I posted… I did, and I also did a search on my topic…

The future rollout of email (or cell phone) notification should have an option to be based on FP activation, not just wheels up. It would also be interesting if the notication could be based on a combination of criteria if we so chose. For instance, I might want to know when N107NA has activated a flight plan heading to KTMB… I might not need the notification if the aircraft activates a flight plan to KOPF.

On the other hand, some users may only want to know when an aircraft actually launches. Having been in the air charter world for a lot of my flying career, I know that a great deal of time can pass from activation to in-flight…and from time to time, even activated flight plans expire (passengers have been known to change their minds and stay an extra night!)

Just my 2 cents on a topic that I know has been well hashed out. By the way, Flight Aware is in my opinion, the best flight tracker out there, even in comparison to the “pay-per-view” options.