Automatic email notification


A nice feature would be to store Flight/Tail numbers and receive email notifications for each aircraft’s filing, departure and arrival. offers this as a premium feature. It is very convenient when you want to track company aircraft or friends. It is also a nice check to assure that your flight plan is actually in the system.


Hi Rwolak,

Quick search of the forums revealed … ifications

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I know this has been discussed a million times over the past year, but is there any idea as to when this will be available? Over a year ago it was suppose to “be announced soon” and so far nothing yet. Any sort of time frame yet? Thanks!!


I think this would be a great feature to add to the website, it would be very handy for the ground/office support people and maybe relieve the pilot from having to make phone calls/radio calls to notify people on the ground they will be in early and not have transportation waiting for pax.




Come on, can’t you people speak FlightAwaretechanese???