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Not seeing anything over 150 miles anymore

Obviously flights are down theses days. I uses to see over 100 whenever I looked at SkyAware and now lucky to get 20.

But I no longer see anything over 150 miles. No equipment changes?

Any ideas where to start? PiAware 3.8.1


  1. Try rebooting your RPi (unplug - plug in if you don’t know how to command the reboot via software)
  2. Verify antenna hasn’t been bumped or shifted off of vertical alignment
  3. Check wire connections at both ends between the antenna and your SDR dongle
  4. Do you have a filter installed? If so, try removing and see if anything changes. Especially if it’s a powered amp.

Basic, I know, but try these easy steps first.

Water in the coax could cause a sudden drop in performance.
Are you confident all the joints are waterproof?

Yes I powered off and on. Antenna is still up there :slight_smile: Have to get a ladder to check it.
I just removed the flight aware filter. I am in the boondocks but there is a cell antenna maybe 3 miles from here.
Well probably not waterproof, but tight
I did notice that my Orange flight aware dongle seemed warm

Dongle being warm is normal.

If antenna/coax connectors were not suitable waterproofed, that would be the best bet - based on the known information. Use of self-sealing products to attain waterproofed connection is important for reliability and long service life of outdoor components. Water into connector tends to wick into coax, leading to corrosion and poor performance.