Antenna or configuration problem?

In the last few days I saw that the number of aircraft decreased, I analyzed that I am not capturing aircraft above 150nm, I always capture above 250nm, could it be a problem with the antenna? or setting?

Do you have an outside antenna? Is there water in the coax? Loose coax connectors? Lightning surge or static electricity damage to the electronics connected to the antenna? Physical damage to the antenna or coax? Water or a loose connection in the lightning arrestor?

Have you changed any receiver settings? If you’re using a USB dongle, can you change it out with another meeting the same specs? Had any power surges that might have affected whatever you’re using for a receiver? Receiver power supply voltage issue?

Do you have an amplifier or FM or MW bandstop filter or a 1090 bandpass filter between the antenna and the receiver? Are you certain they’re working? Especially if the amplifier is operated from Bias-t power?

Just a list of the things that you might want to check. Do the easy ones first before you climb a ladder or begin adjusting your antenna.

Post your results here, and we’ll help you all we can.


Your stats indicate indeed a problem since a couple of days.

Which hardware are you using? Please describe the complete setup of all involved components

In case of a Raspberry, do you have graphs1090 installed? What does your neighbor stations say?

If you did not change anything it’s likely that it’s a hardware issue or a change in your environment (e.g. new mobile network transmitter)

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I thought it might be a software problem, because for days it has an anomaly with the following text:

CPU load of 98% is fairly high. You might consider running fewer programs on your Pi, or upgrading your Pi to a faster version such as the Pi 2.

But that wasn’t it, I just tightened the coax connections and resolved!

Just the anomaly message that keeps appearing even with 32GB SD.

But thanks for the info!

Impressive, I reviewed my entire installation, the antenna was normal, I thought the antenna had a defect and decreased the capture, but I think this is difficult to happen!

So I reviewed the connections between the antenna and my RTL USB, I remembered that I increased the coaxial cable and it has a splice with well made pressure connectors, but they were loose!

I tightened all the connectors and that’s it, I returned to capture aircraft above 200nm.

Thank you for the informations!

Good work!

Whenever I troubleshoot, I try to remember the last thing I did before noticing performance decreased, then the next to the last thing, etc. And check each as I go. That makes it easy sometimes to locate and remedy the issue.

Please use this forum whenever you have a question. As users, we all need to place to go to get knowledgeable answers.

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