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Not Receiving alert for SBKP

I have dozens of different alerts for canceled flights. It was working great, but today I noticed that there were flights canceled from SBKP (Azul Airlines) and I did not get my alerts.

What could be the cause?

Our records do not indicate that there were any cancellations of flights originating from SBKP on 2019-12-16.

   queued   | count
 2019-12-06 |     1
 2019-12-08 |     1
 2019-12-09 |     1
 2019-12-12 |     4
 2019-12-13 |     3
 2019-12-15 |     9
 2019-12-17 |     3
 2019-12-18 |     2

Note that although some of the flights that were scheduled to depart on 2019-12-16 were cancelled, the cancellation notifications for those flights happen to have been delivered far enough in advance to be on the prior day.

Today, again, i am not receiving the alerts. this time for SBCT. As shown here https://flightaware.com/live/flight/AZU2466/history/20191219/1520Z/SBCT/SBKP there was a cancelled flight, i have the alert for the airport but i did not receive.

What could it be??

UPDATE: i just received it, hours later, but the callback to my registered url did not work

For faFlightID AZU2466-1576561531-airline-0073, the cancellation from the airline was received by us at 2019-12-17 18:10:39.108855 UTC, and we delivered the POST to your endpoint at 2019-12-17 18:10:46 UTC. Your endpoint responded in 1586ms and returned a HTTP status 200 (success).

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thank you for your answer. It is clear now.