Norton AFB traffic

Just after midnight on July 11, 2022
Noticed a plane above head with several cabin lights on flashing red lights so I looked at my app.

It was a G5 coming nonstop from United Kingdom and landed at Norton AFB in San Bernardino, CA.

Immediately after, a San Bernardino sheriff helicopter lands. The on-ground report showed the helicopter, but not the G5.

N/A registration and flight details, of course.

While the N/A registration and flight details is quite common here, the planes always still show on ground.

But not this one.

Interesting because Norton is a decommissioned air force base in the middle of a terrible area in the far outskirts of Los Angeles freeway system. Makes me wonder who it is and why they’d come here and keep their existence hidden from view?

I added a screenshot
(site wouldn’t let me post them all)

Maybe one of these. There are several built for special purposes:

Gulfstream G550 (

The field is currently known as San Bernardino International Airport. The Sheriff department has a hanger there. Also, the airport is used as a base for United States Forest Service planes fighting forest fires.