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No more STARS

I have noticed the past few days the Flight Aware does no longer gives the filed STAR route for flights. Both on the app and online. Before when you viewed the filed route for almost any flight it would give you the SID, route way points and the STAR. Now it just gives the SID and way points.

Why did they take this away? Where else can we view filed routes the provide both SID and STAR?


Link or exampe flight(s)? I picked a flight at random and it had:


flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL … /KSFO/KLAS

Sorry I should have specified that I noticed this on the Flight Aware iOS app. You’re right, everything on the website does display the full route but if you put the same flight into the iOS app you only get to see the first part of the filed route.

I normally just use the app but until it gets fixed I will just use the website.

Turns out we noticed this iOS bug last week too and hope to have it fixed in an upcoming release in the next week or two. Thanks and sorry for the confusion.