No MLAT Flights


I have been a flightfeeder for about 5 weeks we were getting mlat flights 2 to 3 days a week.In the past week i have noticed that all the flightfeeders in my area all have a red x including myself can someone please explain.

Regards Lino…


For MLAT to work, the same message must be received at the same time by 4 or more sites. If you look on your My ADS-B page, it shows that you are currently synchronized with only 2 other sites, so MLAT will not work. You are in a marginal coverage area, so until we have more sites in your area MLAT is going to be spotty.


Thanks for that it has shown that i have up to 16 sites close to me but when i checked where they are located some of them are over 300km away.

Regards Lino.


It looks like you got it working yesterday. (Coverage map)
The receivers on the North of Tassie seemed to be lined up in a row. Not helpful for triangulation.
A receiver on King and/or Flinders Island would help with this. Even Stanley or Wilsons Promontory
Zoom into Tassie on this link
You can see there is very little MLAT (Disable the others to see only MLAT)
You can also set the altitude to see various altitudes.

I believe that ADS-B was mandated in all IFR aircraft last year(Can’t recall the details as I only get to fly in Aus every two or three years). You should see everything over FL110

You need :-

  1. location set on flight aware website. You have a flight feeder so it may have a built in GPS unit.
  2. MLAT enabled on the flight aware website
  3. three or more MLAT enabled receivers in the area.
  4. enough aircraft sending out the right type of packets/transmissions for MLAT to work.

Sometimes you need to restart the receiver after updating the location and MLAT settings.


Thanks for that have done that but it seems in the last 3 days i have received mlat flights.ADSB was suppose to be done by febuary 2017 its been pushed till 2019.

Regards Lino.