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MLAT not synchronized

Why is it that i kept seeing MLAT not synchronized on my FlightAware home page even when it reads “MLAT synchronized” ?

I had a look on the FlightAware ADS-B coverage map on the website, and it shows very few ADS-B receivers in your area.

From what I recall, for MLAT to work, a minimum of 4 separate FlightAware receivers would need to be seeing the same aircraft.

What might be a good long term solution: recruit other friends you may know several kilometers away from you (in nearby towns or villages) to also host a FlightAware receiver, to achieve the higher number of ADS-B sites in the area required for MLAT to work.

Where do you see what?

Doesn’t matter anyway, 1 receiver you are synchronized with is not enough for MLAT, that needs 4 receivers.
So the synchronization is working but maybe one of the status displays you are looking at requires at least 4 synchronized receivers to show synchronized.

On a unrelated note: It is better if the receiver is switched on all the time.

Anyway have fun watching the planes :slight_smile: