No gear icon for ADSB stats page pia 6.1


My station has been off for some time, as I moved and I cannot change my location

  1. The receiver location is not set correctly. The server-side MLAT timing calculations depend on knowing your receiver location. Go to your FlightAware “My ADS-B” page and set your location (click the gear icon).

    Any thoughts

TIA A130

I see no active sites associated with your user. You need to be feeding data before the site will appear. The last data feed I see dates back to 2018.

Check that you are logged into the FlightAware site as the correct user, and that you have claimed the current installation (or configured it with the feeder ID of your previous site)


The site is feeding please check 125046


Please doublecheck that you are logged in as the user that owns that site (not A130STB)

I use my email to login A130 is just an identifier the actual account is correct. Thanks

Resolved thank you very much

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