No Flight Plan Route from LHBP to EDDF


I had just noticed that LHBP to EDDF does not have the flight plans added in the flight information area. Even when past flights from these airports were done.

Can someone please fill me in with additional info as to why?


Looks like the only ones that do have the flight plan information are the flights to the UK.

If we don’t have the route for an airline flight (which we never did for this one), we hide the line.

Is this in Beta stages?

Because we did not have so many flights showing up under LHBP (Budapest) before.

And, will the flight plan ever will show up for these routes?
Also, at times, in the Route field, is would have n/a. And also the Google Earth plugin is not functional for these routes either.

Because I fly to Budapest often from EDDF (Frankfurt), and I would wish to know the actual flight plan route for these trips.

This wouldbe one of my wish lists.

Thanks for the responses.

I come up with two possible routes for EDDF-LHBP
NOMBO Y161 SBG UM141 STO UL175 ANEXA This one goes past Munich then Salzburg, Linz, Wien or
SULUS UZ650 VEMUT UZ37 STO UL175 ANEXA which starts out to the east and goes over the very western part of Czech Republic then into Austria.

John in Saudi

Thanks, and where did you get this from?

My Jeppesen’s.

The airline flights worldwide is new. We may receive routings for flights outside the US in the future. The Google Earth link is available, but we don’t receive any positions for flights in our secondary service area so there’s nothing to plot.