Nice to see 30 day ranking on the My ADS-B page!

Glad to see the addition on the stats page!

One question - is it possible to add similar ranking but for the receivers within let’s say 50 miles?

I like the new add… 30 day ranking. Thanks FlightAware. Keep up the good work.

Dear FA staff,
I like the 30 day ranking that you have added on the MY ADS-B page. Thanks much!

Love it!

Nice to know how I “measure up”.

Not sure if I like it or not – probably going to make me go up on the roof and swap out an antenna…

Good feature!

bob k6rtm

This is only going to make some folks more competitive… I’m going to have to go up on the roof and swap out that old antenna, and probably the feedline as well…

Nice feature!

bob k6rtm

LOL I hear you. I’m beating everyone else in a 100 miles of me except for one station that gets about 3 aircrraft seen than I do in the 24 hour count. Drives me crazy and I keep spending money to add stuff that gives me more positions but not aircraft count.
I WILL prevail !

I think you may need to blimp mounted antenna - or to move to the mountain top

This is saving me from having to page down to find my ranking giving me more time to tweak… :wink:


If it was below your Avatar in the forums, it would REALLY make you want to go up on that roof! :laughing:

LitterBug (231 as of this morning, AAHHH MY NUMBER HAS DROPPED)

How do find who is within 100 miles from you? I may have too many receivers around me so on the stats page I can see only receivers 9 miles from me, but I am “competing” with receivers 20 miles from me. The only way I found to check those receivers stats is to go to coverage map, zoom in to my area, click on each receiver mark and get their stats from a link on the “balloon” which pops-up after you click the receiver mark. That is why I asked in another thread if the ranking against nearby receivers can be added.

This comes at the perfect time, a few days after I upgrade my setup’s antenna/amp/power inserter, and getting a massive increase in aircraft/positions. After my upgrade I should be top in my area, and I’m climbing the 30 day stats.

Just look at the map on your stats page. It shows the other receivers around you and then at the bottom of the page there’s a listing of those stations and their stats. Maybe you have too many. I show my whole state’s listing. And yes, there’s not too many users.

The map on my stats page shows my receivers, but there is no nearby receivers. At the bottom of the page the table seems to be limited to 25 lines, so for my primary location it lists receivers within 9 miles, but for receiver I put in my brother house the list is short (9 receivers) and go out to 164 miles. I guess I am stuck with my “workaround” for now.