Nice sighting in Montreal (CYUL) today


KLM MD-11. A nice, rare sighting for me…


Do you have some info? Does KLM normally fly to CYUL, or were they there on special circumstances?


KLM671 is a daily MD-11 flight


I’ve always loved the MD-11. Lucky!


Was arriving from Halifax and not at a window. Picked up the distinctive “dual” winglet on the starboard wing and was quite pleased to just see a large “Maddog” in the wild. Not sure what other info you’re looking for. Thanks to rwb2112 for the link to the flight.


Just wanted a little a more info. Thanks!



Saw a World Airways MD-11 land in BWI yesterday.

Glad I got to see one in action, it had been awhile.

Also saw the ATI DC-8 combi with the seats in the back take off (which four beautiful smoke plumes) and Raytheon N289MT electronics testbed VOODOO1. A good haul for just 2 hours waiting for a flight.


In my multiple times in and out of BWI, I never saw VOODOO1 in the air but you can usually see it on the ground. Didn’t realize the ATI was a combi. Would love to see it smokin’ things up, for sure…


VOODOO1 landed when we were on pushback, so I didn’t see it land, but did see it taxiing.

Here’s ATI’s page about their combi service - … rvice.html

(not all of their DC-8’s are combi’s)