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Nice bit of tropo over the UK and Europe today

The Hepburn tropo forecast has shown some effect to the south of the UK recently and I’ve been seeing 'planes in the middle of English channel for a few days.

There was one just off the coast of France this morning. Never normally see them down there due to the terrain where I am.

dump1090-localhost-range-24h (1)

Seemed to of have a good bit last night here in the uk

I had nothing like the increase in overall range you saw but I saw 'planes in places I wouldn’t normally see them.

Seems like some sort of ‘over the horizon’ effect for me.

Sometimes there are also aircraft where the signal is simply misinterpreted/misdecoded.

Recently i had a DHL freighter hundred miles outside my range. The aircraft was not where it was displayed :wink:

Yes, looking good to the south east today - I’m seeing aircraft in Switzerland!

@foxhunter Pretty sure it’s not that because the ‘planes I was seeing were also on other aggregators’ maps.

I did not say, it was the case :wink:

OK, perhaps I should have said it is not just that.

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Good condition this morning plane on the ground AMS

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This is the giveaway for me - Ground stations on platforms in the North Sea and whatever they are on the west coast of Denmark.


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Conditions up this morning in UK for me northwards towards Scotland


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Good conditions on coast of NE Scotland just now!

To put it in context, I’ve never had anything near 3000 craft in a day before…


I noticed that earlier, it’s very impressive and looks great. Nothing for me at all here, it shows how localised tropo can be. The Hepburns for the next few days suggests it’ll get better again down south over the weekend though so that’s good.

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It is indeed strange how propagation behaves at times.

I just fired up my AirSpy R2 on the FM broadcast bands and counted over 60 stations! Will have fun tuning around to see what can be found.

I was picking up Helis on the Norwegian rigs down to 200’…

Got some very nice VHF ducting today. Seeing ships up to 240 nm away on AIS and heard Ostende radio like he was standing next to us.


Nice guys, FlightAware dont like long distance, I’ve asked them to include the statistics of the longest range reception on the Flight Aware data pages for each site, but nothing has been done about that. They feel those paths are not accurate.
If your on facebook please join the ADSB & AIS Long Distance Reception group. Do a search you’ll find it.